Scholarship Program

~an educational assistance program for children coming from poor families.

Most Filipino parents say, "Education is the only treasure we can pass on to our kids which cannot be stolen by anyone else." But not everyone is privileged to have proper education as what should be the right of every child to have. So when a child cannot go to school because parents can afford it, they grow up with difficulty looking for a better job. In such cases, as they build their own families without permanent jobs, they will not be able to support their children's needs especially to send them to school. And the cycle of poverty goes on.

It is part of Hope Center's desire to help build the children's dreams and enable them to work hard and fulfill it. For the past years, Hope Center has supported children from elementary and high school through giving them school supplies. Sending them to school with the basic needs is not enough. They need shoes, school uniforms, school fees and other school projects. We hope and pray that as God opens doors we can fill in their needs that their parents cannot provide thereby inspiring them to dedicate more and excel in their studies.

One of our goals is to have a building where we can create a student center that conducive for reading, studying and learning basic Computer skills. We aim to send these students to University with the degree of their choice and when they graduate and find a job, they can in turn help their families and other children in need.

It is amazing that these simple acts of kindness already has made a difference in the children's lives. We receive achievement reports from teachers that our scholars have improved a lot socially, intellectually emotionally. By providing them proper education, we not only are helping children, but also their families and the community as well.


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