Transform Program

          In partnership with International Care Ministries Foundation in the Philippines, Hope Center Iloilo were able to conduct a 16-week long Transform program for 37 poor families around the community. Mothers gather every Monday where they meet with their care groups for Values lessons, Health and Livelihood.

          In Values lessons, parents are taught about responsible parenthood; bringing up children in godly values; having a relationship with God and developing friendship and co-dependence in the neighborhood.

Values Training

Livelihood Training

          With Transform Program, parents were trained how to cook snacks or delicacies with a certain budget and how they can earn some profit out of it. Some livelihood opportunities include detergent powder for laundry, dishwashing liquids, and fabric conditioner.

          We started a savings group where parents save money and are entitled to a loan on emergencies, or for educational needs of the children at a reasonable interest. Part of the savings are used to buy the raw materials for the detergent powder and the parents mix and pack them to be sold to small stores and the neighbors. With this they earn extra amount from the profit so they have another source of income for their family's needs.

          In Health Training Sessions, parents ang young mothers were taught about healthy pregnancy, family planning, family relationships, proper hygiene and some first aids for common sicknesses.

          The parents found the topics very helpful and they have applied it to their homes. They were enlightened with the truth from their old health beliefs. They have been taught to make a portable faucet for handwashing to maintain cleanliness strong immune system.

          The training allowed other mothers to share what they learned to their neighbors which is very important. We believe in building the community with the right values, proper health habbits and encouraging families to help one another.

Health Training


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