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Children's Church

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         Children from 3 baranggays gather at Hope Center every Saturday where they learn values, character building lessons dance, songs and arts. Children's Church has been a great avenue for children to build self-confidence, to gain friends, to discover their talents and enjoy childhood despite poverty.

         Youth and leaders at Hope center serve as mentors, helping and guiding children by teaching them how to pray for their families, for their studies, for their future and even for other children. Through weekly lessons, children's minds are opened to being a responsible child not only at home and in school but also wherever they go. They started to throw garbage properly and teach younger children to do the same.

         We are on the road to transforming these children's lives, building their dreams, challenging them to excell in every area of their lives and rise above poverty.


Sitio Tuburan, Trapiche, Oton

Iloilo, Philippines 5020

Phone: +63 917318-3737 /   +63907644-4130


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Monday to Saturday - 9 AM to 6 PM

Sunday - 9 AM to 1 PM